Happier and healthier teams, employees & members with PlaySport

Help your people to thrive each day with a variety of sport, recreation and wellbeing activities on PlaySport! We are offering a free trial for our Corporate Wellbeing Program.

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Corporate Benefits

  • Provide your employees with access to free online classes to help stay active, both physically and mentally
  • Promote cross team socialising and bonding within your company
  • Empower your business to help raise social and cultural awareness across your employees through our unique set of content (e.g. relevant classes for NAIDOC Week, Women’s & Men’s Health Week, Mental Health Month, etc.)
  • Promote a strong working culture
Corporate Working Out from Home

Help make your company a better place to work with our Corporate Wellbeing Program

With the shift to remote working, we understand this may have introduced new challenges in respect to keeping your employees engaged, whilst promoting a healthy, social and fun work culture

With PlaySport’s Corporate Wellbeing Program, you can provide your employees with everything they need to stay fit and healthy – putting their wellbeing first!

  • Connection & Culture

    Help connect remote based teams and build a fun and engaging culture

  • Routine

    Variety of sports & times on PlaySport allows people to select a routine that suits them

  • Physical Health

    A healthier employee is more productive, with 2/3 of Australian adults now overweight or obese - it makes sense to help them with health & wellbeing

  • Mental Health

    Isolation, lack of motivation and costs are exacerbated with remote working and taking a huge toll on the mental health of your people - help us make a difference and provide them with fun, accessible classes through PlaySport

Help us with feedback

Why a free pilot?

  • We get that it’s been a tough few months and we want to give back to the community by providing a place where companies can connect their employees no matter where they may be in the world
  • By participating in the free pilot, we’re hoping you can help us by providing valuable feedback which we can use to provide ongoing value for employers and employees as more companies shift to a flexible WFH arrangement

What classes do we offer?

  • We’re regularly updating our schedule based on user feedback to try and provide the most fun and exciting activities and classes possible
  • As well as culturally relevant content, we also offer regular classes focused around promoting positive physical and mental health, including Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Pilates with some HIIT and Boxing classes thrown in for good measure
An example timetable

An example timetable for the week

Happy Employees

Happier and healthier employees, teams & members with PlaySport

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